NASA Hangar 990: Day 2

The majority of the morning was spent preparing for the Test Readiness Review (TRR).  Everything (and I mean absolutely everything) our team was planning to bring up in the plane had to be on our table, with us ready to explain its purpose.

(“Wait, what did we need this box for again?”)

As 10:30 am rolled around, about twenty official looking people crowded around us to ask what exactly we were doing, and if it was hazardous.  There were clipboards, and a video camera.  There were questions.  There were special amounts of concern for the Mars Soil Simulant, because it getting loose in the plane would be all kinds of disastrous.  However, everything got all worked out in the end, and we passed!

(Heroic toasts of victory not shown.)

After the TRR, Mary and Christina ended up being the first to see the inside of the Weightless Wonder, as they brought all of our equipment over to the plane and began to set it up.

(“And if you observe very closely, the keenest among you might spot a subtle reminder as to the plane’s intended role”)

Later on, first flight team one (Christina, Alice, Tamra our mentor, and myself) investigated the set-up.  Team two followed quickly after, before we were all herded to briefing room 993 to talk about how not to get sick!  There was video.

Oh, also we received our flightsuites.  That is also kind of important.

(Left to right: Christina, Alice, Mary, Hannah, Simona, Danyelle)

We have to give them back after the flight, unfortunately.

(Above: Not at all opposed to giving the suits back ASAP)

Weather, technology, and general health willing, team A1 will fly tomorrow!

Thanks for reading!

-Hannah and the rest of the Microgravity Team

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